Course of Drawing and Painting

The classes will be created for children as well as for adults where one can get started from the beginning and make a good progress pretty fast. Tutorials will take a place both indoors and outdoors where everyone can enjoy many exciting tasks.

Classes may take a place in the artist’s studio in Peter Bangasvej 161, in Frederiksberg, that is very close to KB Hallen station.

There is a bus number 14 running pretty often between the centre and KB Hallen.

Classes are run in the afternoon as well as in the eveningternoon as well as in the evening. To get more information please contact with the artist on her mobile: 41 60 35 45

Natalia Fedorova offers classes, where the keywords are:Learn to work with:
  • The first steps in practical skills  • Oil Paints and Acrylic Artist Colors
  • Study of nature = drawing lesson  • Gouache and Tempera Paints
  • The academic approach (schools, traditions, concepts)  • Water-colours and Pigments
     • Colour Pencils and Pastels
  • Auxiliary materials

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